Media Work

Sperm Whale Head


National Geographic – Science

Smithsonian Magazine – Science

Walker Art Center – Science+Art Column

Slate, Future Tense – Science (culture of)

mental_floss – Science (physiology)

mental_floss – Science (animals & genetics)

Onion – A.V. Club – Art/Music/TV/Film/Culture Writing & Interviews

Minnesota Monthly – Filmmaker Interview (Davis Guggenheim on Waiting for Superman) – “Eco” and Comedy Writing:  Blog no longer live, samples upon request

Hmong Pages – Community/Art/Politics Writing & Interviews



Regret Labs: A Science Comedy Podcast

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) – The Drawing Room (On nerds being cool, and science + art)

RRR Morning Show (On my research, science+art, dolphin sex of course)

Twin Cities Hit Show, in which I school some AM radio hosts on dolphins

All Things Considered: Zoo Dolphins

All Things Considered: Halloween

All Things Considered: Thanksgiving

Central Time, Wisconsin Public Radio: The Right Brain/Left Brain Fallacy

MPLS.TV – writing team

[More available upon request]



Interrobang, the Wheeler Centre: a discussion of ocean vs. space travel & the public’s expectations of science– speaker

Interrobang, the Wheeler Centre: What Future Do We Want and Deserve? – speaker

Storytelling, MN StoryFest – “Jekyll & Hyde”

Ed Zed Omega: Out-of-Game Trailer – writer, director, producer

Ed Zed Omega: In-Game Trailer – writer, producer – Game Text: Quizzes (e.g. What Will You Be When You Grow Up? What Goodies Will You Get for the Holidays? What’s Your New Year’s Resolution?What Were You in a Past Life? – Character/Dialogue Text: Uncle Louie and Friends + “Ask the Astrologer” [context]

Nokia – Product Introduction Video – writer

* [No longer live, available upon request]



Revolver Magazine – “Lawn”

Paper Darts Magazine – “Sheba”

Winning ministory at – “Dear Mother”

Revolver Magazine – “The Poke”

Winning ministory at – “Tice”



McSweeney’s anthology – “Unpublished Federalist Papers” – “Uncle Louie’s Crystal B.” – “Uncle Louie’s Ask the Astrologer”  – [context] – “Horoscopes” – “Whippet Speaks” – “Totally Real Science: SPACE”



Large Group Presentation: Give/Take, 2010 – Why Dolphins are Badass

Short Film “Zero” – performer, conceived and directed with Logan O’Neill

Lexopticon (Story Box) – writer, co-inventor with Logan O’Neill (built by Logan O’Neill)



Comedy Central/T-Mobile promotion: “Comedy Central Horoscopes” mobile content

Nokia – Product Introduction Video

UN Foundation: World Malaria Day blog via Comedy Central’s “Address the Mess”

A Prairie Home Companion – Web Copy 1 

A Prairie Home Companion – Web Copy 2

Malt-O-Meal – “Bag the Box” Blog

[More available upon request… See above Professional Resume for further experience]



Soft Skull Press – Copy editing for second edition of That’s Revolting

Ruminator Magazine, 2005 – Copy Editor

Nokia – Localization Editing

[See above Professional Resume for further EDITING experience]

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